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Our successful PREMIUM products for tunnel vehicle washes, gantry vehicle washes and commercial vehicle washes

AQUA BRUSH is constantly enhancing its products in order to be able to offer its customers nothing but high-quality goods, optimized and effective for purpose. At present, this optimized range specifically includes the following PREMIUM products: AQUA Wool, AQUA Dry, AQUA Foam, AQUA Felt and AQUA Pe.

AQUA Wool - Synthetic lambskin for car washes

AQUA Wool synthetic lambskin provides gleaming car care results. Available exclusively from AQUA BRUSH, this PREMIUM car wash product cleans quietly and gently, which is an extra benefit for the paintwork.

Whether synthetic lambskin, washing felt or any kind of brush inserts, whether for car washes or truck washes – AQUA BRUSH is the perfect vehicle care partner

AQUA Wool - washing brushes for tunnel car washes


Suitable for tunnel car washes

AQUA Foam - Foam material for gentle removal of dirt

AQUA Foam is a specially-developed foam material that provides satisfying dirt removal and is in great demand for gantry car washes.

AQUA Foam washes so gently that it does not leave any scratches or holograms on car paintwork.

For dirt removal in gantry and tunnel car washes

Suitable for gantry car washes

AQUA Felt - Use in gantry car washes and tunnel car washes

AQUA Felt, a washing felt employed as textile washing material, is used to the great satisfaction of operators of gantry and tunnel car washes.

This textile washing material is primarily characterized by its great washing efficiency, its durability and a remarkable longevity.

Textile washing material for tunnel and gantry vehicle washes

Car washes / gantry car washes

AQUA Pe - Pe washing brushes for use in truck washes

AQUA Pe is a special variant of the brush inserts, being a polyethylene brush. The spliced tips of the material mean that these polyethylene brushes are also popular for use in truck washes where they ensure optimum washing of trucks and cars alike.

A high level of customer satisfaction is ensured not only by good value for money but also by the option of making a tunnel car wash a real eye-catcher with a choice from a wide range of colours.

Suitable for tunnel car washes, gantry car washes and truck washes

Suitable for truck washes

AQUA Dry - Efficient drying in car washes

Making cars shine... something easily done with our unique drying material AQUA Dry.

A refined mixture of natural and synthetic fibres and an elaborate post-treatment process make it possible for our AQUA Dry PREMIUM PRODUCT to store residual moisture in the form of micropearls and to release it into the surrounding air. Give it a try! You will be inspired by AQUA Dry 

Unique drying material for car and truck washes

Suitable for vehicle washes