AQUA Dry - Synthetic drying material

AQUA Dry a drying material developed by AQUA BRUSH.
It is manufactured in Germany from a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres.

Special post-treatment means that AQUA Dry develops ‘humidity traps’ which ensure a highly efficient final drying step and at the same time polish the vehicle’s paintwork to a mirror finish. Any residual moisture is stored in our AQUA Dry PREMIUM product in the form of micro-pearls, which is then released to the surrounding air. Leading manufacturers of washing and drying equipment have relied on the AQUA Dry PREMIUM product from AQUA BRUSH for many years now. Give it a try - You will be inspired by AQUA Dry!

AQUA Dry promises you:

  • low-noise drying
  • gentle drying
  • excellent take-up of moisture
  • very gentle on paintwork
  • very durable
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • sophisticated mounting system
  • different colours

    Multi-function system - special interchange system for AQUA Dry and AQUA Wool

    With its variable fastening, AQUA BRUSH’s patented multi-function system permits even use and wear of the washing material along the entire length of all four sides of the ‘wash mitt’ (‘drying mitt’).

    AQUA Wool - Washing material for top-notch car wash designs.

    How it works

    Washing and care instructions for AQUA Dry

    AQUA Dry PREMIUM product drying strips

    In order to preserve AQUA Dry’s properties, please note the following:

      • wash at 60 °C (but no softener!)
      • do not iron
      • do not bleach
      • do not dry clean
      • not suitable for tumble dryers

      Our AQUA Dry drying strips are delivered pre-washed and are thus ready for immediate use.

      Efficient final drying