AQUA Felt washing felt from AQUA BRUSH: Gentle car care, the way it should be.

AQUA Felt is a textile washing material providing high cleaning performance and extreme durability. It is already being successfully used in tunnel and gantry car washes.

AQUA Felt distinguishes itself from other washing materials with its longevity and the low level of care needed.

AQUA BRUSH is the specialist for mechanical car-washing and the manufacturer of unique and innovative PREMIUM auto care products for tunnel car washes, no matter whether washing brushes, brush inserts or any other installations required. This is where real expertise can be found when it comes to optimum care of cars and trucks. This means that all types of car washes benefit from efficiency and satisfied customers. Vehicle washes with this washing felt take excellent care of the paintwork of cars and trucks alike. At the same time, PREMIUM products from AQUA BRUSH are exceptionally simple to mount for the owners of car washes and can be replaced at any time without the need to use tools. Let their low maintenance and great durability convince you.

AQUA Felt promises you:

  • high cleaning performance
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • long service life
  • easy to install
  • different colours


Our product flyer with all details about AQUA Felt can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

A wide range of material mounts

AQUA Felt is supplied on various fastening systems by AQUA BRUSH.

Sewn onto compatible fastening sheets, hand woven on Easyclick fastening mats or sewn into especially developed “L fasteners” (see picture) are the ways in which our AQUA Felt washing material is supplied to retailers.

AQUA BRUSH has a solution compatible for virtually every fastening system.

Fastening system - L fasteners

Easyclick fastening mat

The Easyclick fastening mat especially developed by AQUA BRUSH makes it possible
to mount your washing material without the use of any tools.

How it works:
You lay the washing mat supplied by AQUA BRUSH around the respective slotted tubes of your car wash, snap the ends together and secure them with the plug provided - done!

How Easyclick works

AQUA Felt washing felt - for great care

For optimum vehicle care, gantry washes need high-quality textile washing material, irrespective of whether they are truck or car washes Furthermore, the material must be gentle on the paintwork and require little maintenance at the same time. In this respect, AQUA Felt offers high cleaning performance and extreme durability. It has been in successful use for many years in countless tunnel and gantry vehicle washes and has proven in day-to-day operation that it is ideal for extreme duty even in frequently visited gantry washes that have to meet highest demands.

The textile washing material convinces with its longevity, efficiency in the cleaning process and a low level of maintenance. At the same time, it is easy to install, completely without the use of tools.

AQUA Felt - Washing felt

Unique PREMIUM products

Innovative PREMIUM products such as AQUA Foam, AQUA Felt, the washing brush AQUA Pe, the synthetic lambskin AQUA Wool and the synthetic drying material AQUA Dry offer everything a vehicle wash needs for careful and efficient washing. The washing brushes and the brush inserts stand for quality and longevity. They have proven their performance on the market in day-to-day operation over many years.