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AQUA Foam washing brush for car washes

The foam material AQUA Foam  jointly developed by AQUA BRUSH removes dirt so gently that every car is ‘tickled’. Foamed polyethylene have become the standard in car cleaning in recent years.Attractive cleaning performance - virtually free of abrasion - was one of the factors in the success story of this washing material.

AQUA Foam promises you:

  • mild cleaning
  • good cleaning performance
  • gentle on paintwork
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • long service life
  • optimum value for money
  • wide range of colours to choose from

    Easyclick fastening mat

    The Easyclick fastening mat especially developed by AQUA BRUSH makes it possible
    to mount your washing material without the use of any tools.

    How it works:
    You lay the washing mat supplied by AQUA BRUSH around the respective slotted tubes of your car wash, snap the ends together and secure them with the plug provided - done!

    How Easyclick works

    AQUA Foam washing brush - The innovative system

    Anyone who is interested in finding out more about washing brushes and the new innovations relating to the required textile washing material should carefully read the following text. Operators of car washes or truck washes rely on benefiting from excellent customer satisfaction so that patrons return time and time again.
    The car paintwork must be treated especially gently at this point as it is something customers place great emphasis on. The old-style tunnel car washes, however, had a bad reputation among many car drivers, which was due, among other things, to the fact that old and hard brush inserts were commonly used at this place in gantry car washes. Accordingly, scratches in the paint were unavoidable which of course contributed to the annoyance of customers.

    In contrast, the innovative AQUA Foam system of washing brushes means that such problems are clearly a thing of the past. It provides special benefits for car washing and truck washing alike and is a guarantee for outstanding results in absolutely all areas: the best idea is to try it out for yourself. The renowned manufacturer has specialized in developing state-of-the-art washing materials for gantry car washes and provides its customers, as a rule tunnel car washes, the ability to have absolutely satisfied customers of their own in future. The textile washing material described here meets all quality standards and was specially developed to achieve optimum car care in all areas. Cleaning is a very sensitive topic, if you ask car drivers. It is all the more understandable that this area has to be treated especially carefully. The PREMIUM products from this renowned brand manufacturer make it possible to achieve such gentle car care. Ideally, you should simply convince yourself of the benefits.

    Suitable for gantry car washes - AQUA FOAM