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Washing material with patented multi-function fastener for tunnel vehicle washes

AQUA Wool is a washing material for top-notch car wash designs available only from AQUA BRUSH.
This patented multi-function system guarantees the gentlest and quietest of washes.
AQUA Wool does not allow any material abrasion but, on the contrary, ensures the greatest possible shine for the vehicle paintwork.

AQUA Wool promises you:

  • a low-noise washing process
  • mildest cleaning
  • high cleaning performance
  • extremely gentle on the paintwork
  • long service life
  • easy to install
  • patented mounting system
  • absolute PREMIUM washing material
  • suitable for tunnel car washes
  • available in various colours (upon request)

Many car drivers no longer have any faith in the work done by car washes because outdated brushes leave ugly residue on the paintwork of their most favourite possession. Time and time again in the past scratches and other marks detracted from the perfect appearance, sometimes significantly.

Accordingly, people prefer to take care of their cars themselves and to make sure they get the shine they want. Tunnel car washes in particular suffered from this sorry state of affairs. However, there is a remedy at hand. The following text addresses how this is possible to achieve with the innovative car wash system from AQUA BRUSH.

Making cars shine ....

is what our absolutely PREMIUM washing material AQUA Wool can do best. This high-quality textile is able to clean vehicles in an extremely gentle way and at the same time give them a radiant shine. By using refined fibres and a high-quality manufacturing process, this washing material is predestined for use in top-notch tunnel car washes.

Multi-function system - special interchange system AQUA Wool and AQUA Dry

With its variable fastening, AQUA BRUSH’s patented multi-function system permits even use and wear of the washing material along the entire length of all four sides of the ‘wash mitt’ (‘drying mitt’).

AQUA Dry - Efficient drying for car washes

How it works

The care instructions for the washing brushes

You should, however, observe one or two points in order to benefit from all the advantages provided to operators of vehicle washes in day-to-day use. The AQUA Wool PREMIUM product only ensures the desired shine if it is washed at 60 °C without any kind of softener. It should not be ironed or even bleached under any circumstances. Furthermore, it is imperative that chemical detergents be kept away from this product in order to prevent any decline in its functionality. No softener may be used in combination with these articles, either, to make sure vehicles really do shine after treatment.